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Common Wealth
Revolving Loan Fund

Founded in 1987, CWRLF is a non-profit community development financial institution whose purpose is to lend money to employee-owned companies or co-ops for expansion, facilities, machinery and equipment, vehicles, and working capital or for employee-buyouts. CWRLF serves borrowers located in Ohio and the nearby areas of contiguous states. The Mahoning Valley Economic Development Corporation manages the Loan Fund; please contact them for more information.

Currently, CWRLF can make direct loans to borrowers for amounts up to $250,000 and, with our partners, a single borrower can obtain loans for amounts up to a total of $500,000. As the size of the Loan Fund grows, these loan limits will increase.

Loan interest rates will be competitive and, most likely, advantageous to borrowers.

CWRLF is funded through Social Investment Notes with loans made at below market rates by individuals, corporations, foundations, and religious organizations, and is a member of the National Association of Community Development Loan Funds.

CWRLF loans to democratically owned and managed for-profit businesses, such as cooperatives or ESOPs, and to nonprofit community based groups for projects or facilities.


For information and more details, contact the Mahoning Valley Economic Development Corporation at 330-759-3668 or mario@mvedc.com.